Andreas Helland



"The airports feels stressful & glossy. 

Areas where our emotions are in a state of boredom, happiness, loneliness or longing. 

A nowhere or Nowheresville between cities, countries & smaller places.

In parallel is The airport architecture often characterized by light & reflections that almost make a cinematic feeling. "

The images are taken between 2012 & 2022. 

They belong to airports in Africa, Asia & Europe. 

Other expressions on the theme airport:


"Music for airports", by Brian Eno. (1978). 

"Music for real airports", by The Black Dog. (2010).


"A week at Heathrow airport", by Alain De Botton. (2009).

"Last Call" by Harry Gruyaert (2019)


"The Terminal" (2004)

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